We are excited to be streaming our second concert 'Monochrome' live from Brunswick Mechanics Institute on August 5th. Click the button below that will take you to the stream on YouTube. The link will be accessible from 6:30pm and the concert will begin at 7:30pm (If you click the button before 6:30pm, it will not redirect you). If you wish to donate to support artists and the operational costs of New North, find the Paypal donation link in the video description. Enjoy!

New North is committed to making our concert series accessible for as many people as possible. Audio and video for all of our concerts will be uploaded to this page to form an archive of Melbourne's amazing exploratory music.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

James Rushford & Callum G'Froerer

A new collaboration featuring Callum’s singular double-bell trumpet playing and the eclectic brilliance of James Rushford on organetto and synthesiser. They created a weave of interlocking tones that disperse and coalesce, blend and refract, with tension enhanced by electronics and live panning.
















Lily Tait & Nick Ashwood

Lily Tait and Nick Ashwood fused bowed instruments (violin, guitar), small percussion and pitched resonance to create a new work that explores durational exchanges, harmonic space and fine textural shifts. They created a transfixing presence that was subtle, soothing and, above all, incredibly beautiful.















Lisa Salvo/Maria Moles/Scott McConnachie/Duré Dara/Joseph Franklin


A new collaboration between members of alternative pop band On Diamond, improvising bassist Joseph Franklin, and legendary percussionist, social advocate and restaurateur Duré Dara. Lisa's songs are interwoven with improvisation, creating intricate layers, evolving textures and ambient effects that unfold her music in the shifting sands of post-genre performance.