New North's first concert 'Ghost Lights' will feature a new collaboration between Lily Tait and Nick Ashwood. Lily and Nick create intimate yet vulnerable spaces that we are invited to share as listeners. Their performance will fuse bowed instruments (violin, guitar), small percussion and pitched resonance to create a new work that explores durational exchanges, harmonic space and fine textural shifts.




Lily is a violinist and composer creating across a diverse range of exploratory music practices. Her solo work centres on the body, voice and violin. Balancing identities as composer, listener and performer, Lily explores emergent sonic landscapes using chanced upon objects and found sounds. 

Her music is imbued with introspective intensity, at once inviting, unsettling, and visceral. Recently Lily has released two beautiful electroacoustic constructions, 'Site: Suspension' through Fluxx, and 'At the Learning Tower' through Music Company. 



Nick extends the possibilities of steel string guitar with preparations, just intonation and bowing, creating vibrant envelopes of resonant overtones and subtle pulsations as waves of sound collide and coalesce. There is a meditative rising and falling as the bow moves back and forth, breath like, releasing a bloom of higher partials from the rich fundamentals below.


Nick, who is originally from Hobart, only recently moved to Naarm/Melbourne after living in Sydney. He has toured throughout Australia and New Zealand, is a member of the Splinter Orchestra, and has collaborated with artists such as Laura Altman, Amanda Stewart, Jim Denley, Robbie Avenaim, Annette Krebs, Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger and Johnny Chang. Check the links to hear Nick’s recent solo compositions, including his mesmerising 2020 release ‘Unfolding/Overlay’ on Inexhaustible Editions.