New North's 'Ghost Lights' will be a night of firsts. Lead by Lisa Salvo, the final set of the evening will be a new collaboration between members of alternative pop band On Diamond, improvising bassist Joseph Franklin, and legendary percussionist, social advocate and restauranteur Duré Dara. Lisa's songs will be interwoven with improvisation, creating intricate layers, shifting textures and ambient effects that unfold her music in the shifting sands of post-genre performance. 

Salvo's On Diamond fuses pop, rock and folk sensibilities with the unbounded freedom and sonic variety of the avant-garde. Their music is candid, gritty and constantly surprising, not least because of the unique contributions of Maria Moles (drums) and Scott McConnachie (guitar) who will join Lisa for this special performance. They are fascinating creators who perform at the highest level with Australia's most esteemed experimental artists. Press play on the recordings below to discover their projects, including a recent solo release 036 'Opening' by Maria and Rock Dog, Scott's blistering collaboration with Simon Barker (drums) and Carl Dewhurst (guitar). Members of On Diamond will be joined by bassist Joseph Franklin and Duré Dara. 

Duré Dara is a celebrated improviser, social worker and restauranteur, performing spontaneously improvised music for over forty years. She is well known for her work as a percussionist with the late David Tolley and in the Brian Brown Quintet. Her unique perspective is informed by her work as a restauranteur and social advocate, having served as convenor of the Victorian Women's Trust since 1993, as a former Vice President of Philanthropy Australia, and as the first woman president of the Victorian Restaurant and Caterers Association.

Listen to a portrait of Duré on Prima Donna, a podcast that celebrates women in the Australian arts sector hosted by composer and sound artist Nat Grant. Duré discusses her multifaceted career and her experiences of growing up and working as a woman of colour in Australia's hospitality and improvised music scenes.


The lineup for 'Ghost Lights' is completed by  Joseph Franklin, a nomadic creative whose work moves between notated and improvised practices, experimental performance and sound art. He is a composer/performer specialising on the semi-hollow bass guitar, which can be heard on  To The Left Is Where The Lake Is, a recent release with Sydney based saxophonist Sam Gill, and his trio alums Rites and Amen. He is a member of experimental performance groups The Music Box Project and The Opera Company, and is active in both Sydney and Melbourne.