Naarm based saxophonist Flora Carbo and electronic musician Eitan Ritz will present a new work exploring feedback loops created by live processing. This intimate duo blurs the lines between acoustic, amplified and improvised sound, locating the physical in sound production. Live projections created by Eitan will magnify and abstract the performance, creating new feedback loops - sound influencing visuals and visuals influencing sound.


In an ongoing collaborative conversation, painter and poet Caitlin Aloisio Shearer has developed a poem alongside the compositional process. The text has been translated into melody and phrasing for the piece. Following the voice of the poem, the instrumentation responds to its gait and phonetics.




Just besides

Besides myself

Looking on


Self soothing

Tie it up with a knot

And hand it back to myself


And yet, falling short

What do I do with my hands

While you bite your nails

Tap incessantly


Whither, weather, with and without


In habits of eyes tracing shapes


Fingers applying pressures

To the fingers

Thumb and forefinger

Sliding back and forth


Trying to look after myself



Is strength

I found something special















Solo drums and electronics


Joe Talia is a Melbourne/Narrm born composer and improviser who has recently returned to Australia after an extended stint in Tokyo, where he was an important member of its vibrant improvised music scene. He uses percussion, Revox tape machine, analogue synthesisers and field recordings to build sparkling, detail rich sound worlds of gliding tones, skittering percussion and burbling location atmospherics. Presenting a new solo work for drum kit and electronics, Joe will bring studio composition and electroacoustic practice into a live acoustic drum context where multi layered textures and tones become rhythm and pulses disintegrate into spectral bursts.



Mahagonny is an international interdisciplinary project based between Berlin, Naarm/Melbourne and Boorloo/Perth. It consists of visual artist Lena Czerniawska and composer-performers Emilio Gordoa, Michael McNab & Josten Myburgh. Their work is a unique assemblage of electro-acoustic composition, improvised music & installation, achieved through working with multi-screen projection, multi-channel sound, networking technology & instrumental performance across vibraphone, percussion & saxophone. The group's actions draw out the innate theatre and poetry in experimental music performance, and frame striking visuals with complex sound worlds. The ensemble toured Australia in 2019, performing and giving workshops in Perth, Adelaide, Tanunda, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra and Sydney.