The inaugural recipient of the New North Emerging Artist Commission is cellist and composer Abby Sundborn! She will present a new work at AFTERGLOW on Feb 24 @ Brunswick Mechanics Institute.


Elegiac and uncanny, Abby Sundborn’s electroacoustic works combine cello and electronics in pursuit of introspection and reflection from her audience. Her honed sensitivity to timbre, space, and pacing is developed in natural response to the restless world around her. Informed by her background in experimental electronics and Djing, the commissioned work will translate Abby’s studio practice to a live electroacoustic performance using loops and multi-tracking to reveal hidden magic in the sounds of her cello. The work will feature pre-recorded cello from her teacher and mentor Judith Hamann.


New North will release details of our 2022 commission mid-year. Find us on Facebook or Instagram using the icons below for announcements and news about opportunities.

Abby Headshot 2 edited1.jpg