New North present exploratory music of depth and diversity in Melbourne's north. Our 2021 season is presented in partnership with Brunswick Mechanics Institute



Thursday, Aug 5, doors open 7:00PM, concert commences 7:30PM @ Brunswick Mechanics Institute


Shoshana Rosenberg

Shoshana Rosenberg is a clarinetist and composer based in Naarm. They are a music nerd and eternal novice with an art practice focused on improvisation and exploration of interconnectivity between divinity, interiority, and relationality. Shoshana will perform an improvised piece focusing on their experiences throughout this year: confusion becoming fear becoming rejuvenation becoming exaltation. They dedicate this piece to their love Queenie Star and to the everlasting forces that guide and nurture them

Theo Carbo & Niran Dasika

Theo Carbo (guitar) and Niran Dasika (trumpet) will perform a new duo work that explores delays and repetition on micro and macro scales. Sharing interests in minimalist textures and live electronics, they will experiment with interconnected processing chains and slowly evolving forms.

The Phonetic Orchestra

This unique ensemble explores the fluid borders between composition and improvisation, the individual and the collective, through a unique hybrid of contemporary Classical music, electro-acoustic music and experimental improvisation. For their New North performance, they will perform a new work for ensemble members in Melbourne and Berlin performing in real-time using JackTrip technology.


Thursday, Oct 7, 7:30PM @ Brunswick Mechanics Institute


PREMIER - 2021 New North Emerging Artist Commission



Thursday, May 20, 7:30PM @ Brunswick Mechanics Institute


James Rushford & Callum G'Froerer

A new collaboration featuring Callum’s singular double-bell trumpet playing and the eclectic brilliance of James Rushford, one of Australia’s leading experimental artists.


Lily Tait & Nick Ashwood

In collaboration for the first time Naarm-based guitarist Nick Ashwood and violinist Lily Tait come together to create a new work. The duo will use elements of small percussion, bowed instruments and pitched resonances to explore durational exchanges, harmonic space and fine textural shifts.


Lisa Salvo/Maria Moles/Scott McConnachie/Duré Dara/Joseph Franklin


Lisa Salvo (vocals), Scott McConnachie (guitar) and Maria Moles (drums) of experimental pop band On Diamond team up for a one-off collaborative performance with legendary improvising percussionist Duré Dara and avant garde composer/bass player Joseph Franklin. Lisa's songs are layered and interspersed with improvisation, weaving open song forms coloured by acoustic-ambient and amplified-effected sounds.